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Strategy Videos @

I have been an Elite Pro at since July 1 and my videos are currently being published every Friday.*

All of the videos I am making use a PowerPoint lecture format. Within that medium, I am building several small, medium, and large video series. 

The primary video types I have made and will continue to make are:

Regular PLO (~60%):  PLO Theory, PLO Topics, PLO Basic Hand Analysis, PLO Deep Dive Hand Analysis (potentially as deep as multiple videos/hand) 

Major Mixed Games (~35%):  PLO Variants:  5/6-card PLO, 4/5/6-card PLO8) and Major Mixed Games (TORSE).

Minor Games (~5%):  Oddball PLO**, Draw (Badugi, Badeucy, etc), and other non-standard games like PL Stud, 5-Card Draw, and Studugi.

I have detailed plans within each of these categories, but am just getting started on executing them and it will take time to produce and publish everything I want to.  Some of the coolest ideas I have are also the hardest to execute, so I'll keep them to myself until I actually do.

If you are a RIO Elite Member and look for my videos, the main thing you will see for the next few months is the unrolling of a 36-part PLO Theory series. The series aligns with Advanced PLO Theory but necessarily has less detail and also takes different angles on some material.  

There will also definitely be some videos from the other categories listed above published over the next few months.   As of Aug 19, the first eight videos will include Parts 1-5 of the 36-part PLO Theory Series, the introduction to a beginner series called Core PLO Concepts, the introduction to a short series on Split-Pot Game Fundamentals, and a video on 5-Card PLO Combinatorics.


My videos are longer than average, ~ 1 hour 5 minutes so far versus  ~ 40 minutes overall at  

As the catalog develops I will add more information here as well.  

* I've been producing videos faster than one/week and hope to convince management to publish two of my videos some weeks.

**Favorite among these are a) Courcheval, an actual game where you get one flop card pre-flop. b) 6-4 PLO/PLO8, where you get a 6-card hand and a 4-card board. c) Several variations of get-X-cards-and-discard-Y-cards-over-Z streets PLO/PLO8.  As far as I know I invented b) and c).  

Needless to say these would not be RIO's highest priority videos.  We will see.  

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