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PLO Coaching Outlines and Packages

This page contains a detailed outline for the Intro Lesson, a copy of my new student questionnaire, and summary outlines for all of the package offerings.  In all cases if there is an underlined lesson/package name, it is a hyperlink to a pdf you can download.

Within the individual packages there are detailed outlines for each lesson, but they contain too much information to provide to people not doing those packages.

Introductory/Trial Lesson includes a mix of topics and is designed to allow a prospective student to evaluate my coaching.  

The content portion of that lesson is a full hour, followed by up to 15 minutes discussing future options if the student desires.

6-Lesson Package - Theory in Practice
12-Lesson Package - Theory in Practice

18- Lesson Package - Theory in Practice

The New Student Questionnaire is designed to provide me with an introduction to your current poker and PLO play, your strengths and weaknesses, and your goals.  We will use it to choose the right program for you.

12-Lesson Blended Package - Concept Driven
18-Lesson Blended Package - Concept Driven

30-Lesson Blended Package - Concept Driven

For additional, flexible options designed to fine-tune specific sections of your game, see 1-1 Topical PLO Coaching

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