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PLO MTTs ($100)

PLO MTTs is a dense 64-page e-book on pot-limit-omaha tournaments   In addition to the full book price of $100, its five chapters have been split into two modules that are available for $60 each.   The free preview contains the full Table of Contents and sections from Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5.

The book begins in Chapter 1: Basic Concepts with an introduction to the seven parameters of post-flop play and brief discussions of table break order, image, composition, and the core importantce of stack sizes and tournament structure.

It continues in Chapter 2:  Stack Sizes with analysis of appropriate play at a wide range of stack sizes (from 150BB+ down to 0-5bb), including examples that illustrate how the tournament-specific context can affect play within each stack size range.


Chapter 3:  Tournament Structures - Deep progreses through a deep structure that mimics the WSOP $10k PLO and the larger online events, building from the deep early stages through the long sub-100BB middle stages, to the bubble, to post-bubble ITM play, to FT bubble play, and eventually to the Final Table itself, with detailed ICM calculations and their implications.  Throughout, the chapter addresses the back-and-fort between eliminations that increase average stack size and level jumps that decrease it.

Chapter 4:  Tournament Structures - Medium, Fast, Rebuy reinforces the core concepts from Chapter 3 while covering progression through faster structures as well as addressing the implications of both rebuy and re-entry tournaments.

Chapter 5:  Hand Examples includes 10 hands including Hand 1:  Top Pair, 4-ways, 10BB-50BB, Hand 6:  Final Table 4-handed, Big Stack Battle, and Hand 9:  Approaching the Bubble with 8BB, KdJdTh9h Versus Big Stack. 

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