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Tom Chambers

I began as a professional poker player from 2006-2012, specializing primarily in online 6-max PLO from 2008 on.  In 2008 I began some deep research into PLO math and fundamentals and also began taking on students for a theory program.  From 2009-2011 I turned the coaching program and research into the 850-page, two-volume $2500 book Advanced PLO Theory.

During those years I played mostly online 1/2-5/10 PLO, 10/20-40/80 Mixed Games, and mid-high stakes tournaments. Over 6 WSOP's, I played around 75 WSOP events and made 5 final tables, including $2500 Stud8/Omaha8 and $1500 PLO8 in 2008, and $3000 PLO, $1500 NLHE, and $2500 10-game mix in 2012. No bracelets.  Best finish was 2nd in the S8/O8, best $ cash was 3rd in the NLHE.


In July of 2012 I quit playing poker full-time to work as a trader.  I left that job in May of 2016 to return to poker; playing live, writing, making videos, coaching,  and working on two related long-term projects.  I've since written Live Full Ring PLO and PLO MTTs, and also sell APT in module form (self-contained segments at lower price points).  


In addition to writing and coaching I made over 50 (mostly PowerPoint) videos for from 2016-2018, primarily theory videos and deep-dive hand analysis videos.  I worked mostly on PLO, but also made mixed game videos, focused on the main limit mixed games (O8, Stud8, Stud, Razz, 2-7TD) and PLO variants (5-card, 6-card, PLO8 and 5-card PLO8/Big O).

Personal stuff.  I was born in Detroit MI (suburbs) in 1980, went to public school there, and graduated from Harvard in 2002 with a major in Intellectual History.  I then spent three awesome years teaching and coaching basketball in St Louis and one miserable year as an actuary in Chicago, which job I gladly quit to play poker (the first time).  Then six years poker, four years trading, and now back to poker.  

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