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Advanced PLO Theory is a 2-volume, 12-chapter, 850-page book that provides a comprehensive theoretical and mathematical approach to learning and playing Pot-Limit-Omaha.  


The book was meticulously researched and the presentation is exhaustive, both in its coverage of structural fundamentals (Volume 1, 294 pages) and in its application of those fundamental to 6-max strategy (Volume 2, 547 pages).

Advanced PLO Theory is widely recognized as containing unique and highly valuable content.  Furthermore, because the entire book is grounded in deep structural research, the vast majority of that content is timeless and applicable to any set of game conditions.

The $2500 full book price includes both volumes, a customized workbook, secured e-copies and bound paper copies. 


One can also buy just Volume 1 for $1000, just Volume 2 for $1500, or purchase a selection of the 32 modulesself-contained subsets which start at $25.

Part 1 of the two-part, 100-page free preview contains all of the Volume 1 Introduction, Volume 2 Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.


Part 2 contains two free modules, Module 8C:   Monotone and Paired Boards, and Module 10A:  Situation Classes, Texture Classes, Major Concepts, Weighted Range Data.

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