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Live Full Ring PLO ($300)

Live Full Ring PLO is a dense 148-page e-book on nine-handed live games.   In addition to the full book price of $300, its six chapters have been split into 5 individual modules sold for $100/each.   The free preview contains the full Table of Contents and sections from Chapters 1, 4, and 6.

The book begins in Chapter 1: Major Concepts with an introduction to the seven parameters of post-flop play, a guide to game types and how they differ from online play, a primer on common opponent types in live games, introductions to straddles, deep-stacked play, and board texture, and a detailed analysis of Stack-to-Pot Ratio (SPR) dynamics in the multi-way pots common to live full ring.

It continues in Chapter 2:  Pre-Flop Play with analysis of starting hand selection by position.  It covers what hands to raise when folded to, what to do when when facing a raise or 1+ limpers, and how to play against 3-bets and squeezes.

The primary focus of Chapter 3:  Flop Play is on teaching decision making through situational analysis of board texture, SPR, position, and opponent(s), as well as an understanding of equity and the importance of future-street planning.   

Chapter 4:  Turn Play hammers home the importance of multi-street planning with a detailed introduction to flop --> turn texture shifts, coupled with illustrative hand examples for each class of texture shift.  This is arguably the most important and most challenging chapter, perhaps because the turn is arguably the most important and challenging street.


Chapter 5:  River Play  introduces the River Decision Process, a six-step process initially presented in Advanced PLO Theory, modified and applied here to the very different context of live full ring play.  The chapter concludes with 3 very long river decision case studies that illustrate the process.

Chapter 6:  Hand Examples includes 25 hands including Hand 2:  Deep 3-way 4-Bet Pot, Hand 6:  Set Plus Nut Blocker on Monotone Board, Hand 14:  Deep Six-Way Raised Pot, Top Set on Dynamic Flop, Hand 16: Vulnerable Top Two in HU 3-Bet Pot, Hand 20: Nut Wrap on Flush Draw Board, and Hand 24: Check-Raise Monster Backdoor Draw. 

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