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Chapter Summary

Chapter 4: Equity (97 pages)


This chapter covers equity calculations, or the probability a particular hand-board combination has to win a pot at showdown, either against other specific hands or against a range of hands.  


The balance on the flop of three known cards and two cards to come increases the breadth of possibilities and makes flop equity the most interesting of the streets to study equity, so it dominates Chapter 4.


Chapter 4 has been split into three modules, one on basic hand versus hand matchups (Module 4A), one on hand versus range matchups (Module 4B), and one on equity distributions (Module 4C).


Module 4A: Preflop Equity and Flop Equity 1 - Hand versus Hand, Backdoor Draws (31 pages)


This module presents basic preflop equity matchup information along with a wide range of key hand versus hand flop equity matchups.  It emphasizes nuances including cleanness of outs, domination potential and risk, and backdoor draws.  There is a dedicated section on backdoor draw completion probablities and equity.


To view the first page of the flop section of Module 4A, click here.


Module 4B:  Flop Equity 2 - Range Weighting, ProPokerTools, Hand versus Range (24 pages)


This module covers using's equity simulations to calculate hand versus range equity. It works through several examples of building realistic flop hand ranges given typical preflop tendencies, and analyzes range balance for each example.


To view the first page of Module 4B, click here.


Module 4C:  Flop Equity 3 - Equity Distributions and Hand Strength Distribution Tables (42 pages)


This module focuses on how to look at flop equity in terms of the distribution of later-street scenarios it represents.  It includes analysis of equity distribution curves, a custom methodology for valuing flopped hand strength, and several tables of hand strength distribution data.


To view the first page of Module 4C, click here.


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