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Chapter Summary

Chapter 5:  Expected Value (50 pages)


This chapter addresses a fundamental element in designing betting strategies.  An accurate expected value calculation requires that we know the combinatoric makeup of our opponent's range, can set assumptions about the actions he will take in response to our possible actions, and then calculate the value of a prospective betting strategy.


Module 5A deals with how to set up these equations and works through some of the more interesting multi-street PLO expected value calculations.   Module 5B addresses facing a 4-bet from likely AA**.


Module 5A:  Assorted EV Calculations (30 pages)


This module contains a series of basic and complex expected value calculations.  It begins with single-street calculations before moving to analysis of more detailed multi-street scenarios.  Among the multi-street scenarios are the EV of a turn semi-bluff given possible river scenarios, implied odds facing a turn bet, and the EV of floating a turn bet.


To view the first page of Module 5A, click here.

Module 5B:  EV of calling 4-bet versus AA** (20 pages)


This module is a detailed analysis of the canonical PLO question of whether to call a 4bet from presumed AA**.  It covers different stack depths and starting hands, and focuses on both the frequency of flopping a stack-off flop and average equity on those flops.


To view the first page of Module 5B, click here. 

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