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Chapter Summary

Chapter 7:  Starting Hand Charts (30 pages)


This chapter contains charts that categorize PLO starting hands.  The basis for the categories is a power rating and two character ratings - polarity and nuttiness,  The power rating is derived from the flopped-hand-strength ratings from Chapter 4 (Module 4C).  Every hand is rated based on its total strength across all its possible flops.


The polarity rating indicates whether most of a hand's value comes from hitting a few flops very hard or hitting many flops pretty well.  The nuttiness rating indicates how likely the hand is to have the nuts.  


Using the three ratings and baseline pairedness/suitedness groupings, similar hands are placed into categories, and data about the categories is presented in a series of charts.


Module 7A:  Starting Hand Charts (30 pages)


This module contains the entire Chapter 7.  


To view the first page of Module 7A, click here.

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