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Group Coaching Info

I am offering Group Coaching Packages at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels.  

I have four primary motivations:

To offer coaching that is significantly cheaper per lesson for each individual student than 1-1 coaching is.

To create opportunities for synergy among particpants that adds value to the constructed program.

To test-drive new material for developing products, particularly at the Beginner and Intermediate Levels.

To increase my exposure to more students, and therefore more learning styles and approaches.

I would expect the first group(s) to begin in September and hope to get ~4-6 started by October/November.

Although there is not a strict correspondence between program and stakes, it is roughly true that:

The Beginner programs are approximately targeted at 200PLO and under.

The Intermediate Programs are approximately targeted at 200PLO-600PLO.

The Advanced programs are approximately targeted at 600PLO and above.

All groups will consist of weekly hourlong sessions and intra-week homework assignments. The sessions include a mixture of theory and student-submitted hand analysis, but are weighted toward theory.  The homeworks are weighted toward constructed hand anlayis and quizzes that blend theory and practice.

Package structure and pricing

There are no written material buyer discounts or RIO Elite discounts for the group coaching programs 

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