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Skype Group Interest Lists

As interest accumulates for a particular group I will make note of it here.  I anticipate the first groups beginning sometime in late 2016.  I want to do these groups but am not actively soliciting interest at the moment.  It is not a high enough immediate priority given my quantity of 1-1 students, time required for videos and writing, and two other long-term projects.  

At some point in the next few months I intend to make filling and running these a serious priority. 

4-Person, 6-lesson Advanced Group

6-Person, 6-lesson Advanced Group

4-Person, 12-lesson Advanced Group

4-Person, 18-lesson Advanced Group

4-Person, 6-lesson Intermediate Group

4-Person, 12-lesson Intermediate Group

6-Person, 12-lesson Advanced Group

6-Person, 18-lesson Advanced Group

6-Person, 6-lesson Intermediate Group

6-Person, 12-lesson Intermediate Group

4-Person, 18-lesson Intermediate Group

6-Person, 18-lesson Intermediate Group

6-Person, 6-lesson Beginner Group

6-Person, 12-lesson Beginner Group

10-Person, 6-lesson Beginner Group

10-Person, 12-lesson Beginner Group

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