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Advanced PLO Theory Module Lessons


Regular Single Lesson Price $300 - $500.  Regular 12-lesson Package Price $3000 - $4800.

APT module lessons are now $100/each. Applies only to lessons on modules you own.

$100 rate applies to the first 10 lessons.  Module lessons beyond the tenth cost $150.

You may do a lesson on multiple modules (e.g. on a chapter) or multiple lessons on a single module.

You may not do more lessons than the total number of modules you own.

Full ($2500) APT Purchasers Only!  Fully Structured APT Supplemental Courses:


Guaranteed Two Lessons Per Week and Guaranteed Completion in 4 months (if student wants)

36 lessons including detailed outlines and homework assignments.   

Now $4000 Prepaid. Will be $7000 Prepaid beginning 10/1.


A) 30 Module Lessons + 6 Lesson Hand Analysis Package 

B) 24 Module Lessons + 12 Lesson Hand Analysis Package

C) 24 Module Lessons + 12 Lesson Blended Package - Math Intensive

D) 18 Module Lessons + 18 Lesson Hand Analysis Package.

E) 18 Module Lessons + 18 Lesson Blended Package - Math Intensive

F) 12 Module Lessons + 12 Lesson Hand Analysis Package and 12 Lesson Blended Package - Math Intensive.  

Within a chosen course, student has significant but not complete discretion on lesson substitution.


Note - the 10% off Elite member discount does not apply to these offers.

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