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Structured Theoretical - Advanced

Designed Learning Trajectories

1A:  APT Modules 3A-6B  (10) ------------->

       2 Module Lessons.  


2A:  Modules 3A-6B  (10)  ------------->

      6 Module Lessons.   


3A: 2 each of {3A-3C}, {4A-4C}  ------------>

       1 each of {5A-5B), {6A-6B}                

       7A, 8A, 8B, 9A,  10B, 10D, 11B, 12B.  (14)            8 Module Lessons


4A:  2 each of {3A-3C}, {4A-4C}  --------->

       1 each of {5A-5B), {6A-6B}                

       7A, 8a-8B, 9A-9C, 10B-10E, 11A-11B (18)

       10 Module Lessons.  


1B:  Modules 7A-10B  (8) ------------>

       4 Module Lessons.  

       $1000 discounted to $800

2B:  Modules 7A-10D  (10) ---------------->

      8 Module Lessons.  

      $2000 discounted to $1600

3B: Rest of Chapter 3-6 Modules, 9B-9D (7) --->

      Purchase The PLO Hand Analysis Book

      12 Module Lessons.

      $2500 discounted to $2000​

4B:  Finish APT Purchase ----------------->

       Purchase The PLO Hand Analysis Book

       10 Module Lessons.

       $3500 discounted to $2800

1C. Finish APT Purchase.  8 Module Lessons

      Purchase The PLO Hand Analysis Book

      $3000 discounted to $1800  

2C:  Finish APT Purchase.  

        Purchase The PLO Hand Analysis Book

        Three 4-lesson Topical Coaching Packages

        $4500 discounted to $2700      

3C:   Finish APT Purchase.

        18 Lesson Blended Coaching Package

        Two 4-lesson Topical Coaching Packages 

        $6000 discounted to $3600

4C:   12 Lesson Hand Analysis Coaching Package

        12 Lesson Theory in Practice Coaching Package

        18 Lesson Blended Coaching Package 

        $7500 discounted to $4500 

First listed prices are regular price (accounting for package discsounts and written material discounts), followed by a discounted price for Steps B and C.

If you take one of these trajctories, there is no added discount on Step A, an added 20% discount on Step B, and an added 40% discount on Step C. 

You will also receive material on the reasons for this approach for your learning style, including the overall approach and the specific selections,

Additionally, the standard 10% Elite Member discount applies across the board.

For these packages only, the 8/1-9/30 Module Lesson Pricing will persist through 12/31/16.  That is, $100/lesson for the first 10, then $150/lesson.

With Discounts (ignoring RIO Elite), the full trajectories (1/2/3/4) cost $3200/$5300/$7100/$9300.  

Finally, if you do an entire learning trajectory and do a detailed survey and one hour interview about the course, you will receive a free copy of 

PLO Paths:  An Adaptive Course for Any Student ($500 value)

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