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New Material


PLO MTT e-book (split into two modules)

Live Full Ring PLO e-book (split into four modules)

PLO MTT #1:  Stack Sizes and Hand Examples
PLO MTT #2:  Tournament Structures
FullRing #1:  Major Concepts
FullRing #2:  Pre-Flop Play and Flop Play
FullRing #3:  Turn Play
FullRing #4:  River Play and Hand Examples


All six modules are approximately 25-30 pages and 20k-25k words

Direct Purchase

$50 per module

$80 for MTT e-book
$150 for Full Ring e-book

$200 for both e-books

Free with APT Module Purchase


Spend $100 (4 modules), get one WSOP module free

Spend $200 (6 modules), get two WSOP modules free

Spend $400 (10 modules), get all six WSOP modules free


All WSOP modules are free with volume or full book purchase.


For more details on module pricing, click here.

To see the list of APT Modules, click here

Offer good through July 31, 2016

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