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1-on-1 Mixed Games Coaching Pricing

All Elite members get an extra 10% off any lesson or package.   Guaranteed through December 31, 2016

Mixed Games Coaching is naturally more customized than PLO coaching.  

It is possible to take any of the PLO Core Packages are or  Topical Packages and convert them to a non-PLO game, but doing so requires some extra prep work.  

The more common case has been students who want coaching across multiple games, which requires building a package that matches particular goals.  

As a result, Mixed Games coaching is ~ 20% more expensive than PLO coaching.  

There are two main categories of coaching offered here:  TORSE and PLO Variants.  

If you are interested in coaching for other games, pricing is handled on a case-by-case basis.  

The discounts for purchasing written material and runitonce.come Elite membership still apply.

Standard Rates:

Introductory/Trial Lesson:  $300.   Single Regular Lesson:  $600.  

Package Pricing:  6-$3000, 12-$5400, 18-$7200, 24-$9000. 30-$10500, 36-$12000


2-7 Triple Draw

Limit Omaha 8


Stud High

Stud 8

PLO Variants:

5-card PLO High

6-card PLO High

4-Card PLO8

5-Card PLO8

6-Card PLO8

Rates for Purchasers ($400-$975):

Introductory/Trial Lesson:  $250.   Single Regular Lesson:  $500. 

Package Pricing:  6-$2500, 12-$4500, 18-$6300, 24-$7500, 30-$9000, 36-$10000

Rates for Purchasers ($1000+):

Introductory/Trial Lesson:  $200.   Single Regular Lesson:  $400. 

Package Pricing:  6-$2000, 12-$3600, 18-$4800, 24-$6000. 30-$7000, 36-$8000

Any package can be supplemented with homework assignments designed to enhance and accelerate the learning process.

Single Lesson - 50% extra charge.  4-10 Lesson Packages -> 40% extra charge.  12-16 lesson packages -> 30% extra charge.

 18-28 lesson packages -> 25% extra charge.  30+ lesson packages -> 20% extra charge

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