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Chapter Summary

Chapter 6:  Game Theory (48 pages)


This chapter covers the interaction of strategies and counterstrategies, using a branch of mathematics called game theory.  


It includes sections introducing basic game theory concepts as well as applied material directed at specific important PLO situations and questions.



Module 6A:  Game Theory Introduction (22 pages)


This module provides a general introduction to game theory, with an emphasis on concepts that are most useful to poker players.  It includes analysis of multiple toy games and quantification of the value of having position and of having a polarized range.


To view the first page of Module 6A, click here.

Module 6B:  Applied Game Theory (26 pages)


This module covers several applications of game theory to specific PLO scenarios in both polarized range and blended range scenarios.  It includes sections on the naked ace play, barrelling dry boards, game-theoretic adjustments that account for card removal, and more.


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