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  • I am currently closed to new students.

  • I will open up to new students again near the end of 2016 or early in 2017.  

  • If you are interested in joining the waiting list, contact me at or through the contact form,

Lesson Types

  • Pure Theory

  • Applied Theory

  • Designed Hand Analysis 

  • Thematic Hand Analysis (selected student hands)

  • Open-Ended Hand Analysis (selected student hands)

  • Stats/Database Analysis

  • Chapter/Module Specific

Lesson Structure and Expectations

  • Lessons are conducted over Skype and are one hour long.  

  • Unless I have another obligation, I'm not a stickler for time, and we'll run a bit long if needed.

  • Every prepaid package comes with a complete outline.

  • Every lesson has an outline and often additional material.

  • Students should review the materials before the lesson

There are three types of discounts.

  • Written Material Purchasers have lower rates.

  • There are prepaid package discounts.

  • All Elite members got 10% extra off.

Cancellation Policy

  • I require 24 hour notice to cancel a scheduled lesson  

  • Late Cancellation Refund Policy

    • 6-lesson package --> one time half-refund allowance​

    • 12-lesson package --> one time full refund allowance

    • For longer packages there are proportionate refund allowances.

  • If I cancel late for a non-emergency reason --> free lesson added.

  • If either of us cancel for a legitimate emergency, no penalty.

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