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1-on-1 Content and Coaching Package Rates

There are a handful of lesson types, and pricing is different for different types due to differences in preparation time.

There are also multiple pre-made discounted package options, as well as the ability to design a custom package.

Package Rates (Prepaid)

3 unit lessons are 1 hour long.  5-6 unit lessons are 1.5 hours long.  

9-10 unit lessons are 2 hours long.  12 unit lessons are 2.5 hours long

15-18 unit lessons are 3 hours long.  20-25 unit lessons are 4 hours long

40 unit lessons are 6 hours long.

Prepaid Packages are priced using the number of units for each lesson or product.

Prepaid Package Pricing Ranges from 24 units - $2,300 to 900 units - $60,000.

PrePaid Packages can include mix-and-match with mixed game lessons.

Pricing is set to incentivize serious students who want long-term coaching.

Package Rates (Prepaid)


The motivation for extending in-lesson time for the more expensive lessons is that additional cost is derived from the additional prep work rather than the cost of the actual lesson time.  The cost per lesson hour is thus lower than it might seem.

People who commit to these lessons are paying for the prep work as much as the discussion, and thus I am glad to have longer sessions with them. 

There is extreme flexibility to construct a package from lessons, books and a diverse set of other material (across both PLO and mixed games if a student desires).  There are several designed packages for the lower unit counts, but we can customize a package of any size and I expect all large packages to be customized. 

Single lessons are very expensive and the larger lesson packages require significant commitment and are expensive in absolute terms.  But the combination of volume discounting and the extra in-lesson hours means that the hourly for large packages is actually quite low.  


For example, the following 180-unit course would cost $14,000 for 27 lessons and 42 lesson hours ($518/lesson and $333/hour).

6 Video Reviews (3 units/1 hour each), 6 Office Hour/Q&A's, 6 Intermediate Lessons (6 units/1.5 hours each),  6 Advanced Lessons (9 units/2 hours each), and 3 Elite Lessons (18 units/3 hours each).

I expect the majority of students to do programs in the 60-180 unit range, but I am making the larger (and smaller) packages available to accommodate everyone. 

For people whose package purchase includes a combination of written material and lessons,

the lesson frequency guarantees for their total units purchased applies.  If someone bought 60 units of books/material and 10 Advanced Poker Juice Lessons (for 120 total units),

he would be entitled to do the 10 lessons twice/week and finish in five weeks.

Because written material is delivered at time of purchase, it must be paid for up front, with the installment payments valid on the coaching portion of the package only.

There are no refunds on written material, but on a case-by-case basis there may be partial refunds for lessons if a student wants to cancel the program.  If that occurs, the package price would be adjusted to account for the smaller number of units taken.


24 units  -->  $2,300 ($96.17/unit)

36 units  -->  $3,400 (94.44/unit).

48 units  -->  $4,500 ($93.75/unit).

60 units  --> $5,400  ($90.00/unit).

90 units  --> $7,800 ($86.67/unit).

120 units --> $10,000  ($83.33/unit).

150 units --> $12,000.  ($80.00/unit),

180 units --> $14.000  ($77.78/unit).

240 units --> $18,000.  ($75.00/unit).

300 units --> $22,000.  ($73.33/unit),

360 units --> $25,000.  ($69.44/unit).

450 units --> $30,000.  ($66.66/unit).

600 units --> $39,000.  ($65.00/unit).

750 units --> $48,000.  ($64.00/unit),

900 units --> $57,000.  ($63.33/unit).

1200 units --> $72,000.  ($60.00/unit).



To receive package discounts, the largest item (lesson, book, software, course, other content, or an already discounted lesson sequence) in the package must be no more than 60% of the total number of units in the package.

Installment Payment Options and Lesson Frequency

24-36 unit courses 

Full prepayment only

Guaranteed 1 lesson every 2 weeks

48-60 unit courses 

For a 15% surcharge:

Pay 60% upfront and 40% halfway

Guaranteed 2 lessons every 3 weeks

90-120 unit courses 

For a 10% surcharge:

Pay 40% upfront, 30% each after 1/4, 1/2 of lessons.

Guaranteed 1 lesson every week

150-180 unit courses 

For a 10% surcharge:

Pay 40% upfront, 30% each after 1/4, 1/2 of lessons.

Guaranteed 3 lessons every 2 weeks

240-450 unit courses 

For a 5% surcharge:

Pay 40% upfront and 20% each after 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of lessons.

Guaranteed 2 lessons every week

600-1200 unit courses

For no surcharge:

Pay 33.3% upfront and 16.6% each after 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 of lessons.

Guaranteed 3 lessons every week

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