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1-on-1 Mixed Games 2 Coaching Rates

Mixed Games 2 Coaching

Stud Games:  SuperStud, SuperStud 8, 2-7 Razz, RazzDacey, RazzDeucey, Stud Hi/Lo Regular 

Draw Games: A-5 TD, Badugi, Badacey, Badeucy, 5-Card Draw, 2-7 NL SD, Hi-Lo (66/8 Q)

Flop Games:  Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple, Pineapple Hi/Lo, Drawmaha, Limit Omaha High x 4/5/6

Other:  PL Stud/Draw, PLO Discard Variants, Other Super Stud, Open Face Chinese and Variants

Other Other: Any game you can explain the rules of.  See 100 Game Home Game Scramble

Video Review Lesson:  $500.  5 units.  1 hour.

Student-Selected Hand Analysis Lesson:  $500.  5 units.  1 hour.

Book- or Module-Based Lesson:  $500.  5 units. 1 hour.

"Office Hours" Q&A Lesson:  $500.  5 units.  1 hour.

Designed Beginner Lesson:  $600.  6 units.  1.5 hours.

Designed Intermediate Lesson:  $1200.  12 units. 2.5 hours

Designed Advanced Lesson:  $2000.  20 units.  4 hours

Designed Elite Lesson:  $4000.  40 units.  6 hours.

Homework for an Beginner lesson:  $300. 3 units.

Homework for an Intermediate lesson:  $500. 5 units.

Homework for an Advanced lesson:  $700.  7 units.

Homework for an Elite lesson:  $1000.  10 units.

There are a handful of lesson types, and pricing is different for different types due to differences in preparation time.

There are also multiple pre-made discounted package options, as well as the ability to design a custom package, including packages that combine PLO and/or mixed games coaching, books, and research reports.

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