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Planned Books 2016-2018 

Intermediate PLO Theory.  ~250 pages, ~200k words, $250.  Also split and sold as modules.  E-book only.

Beginning PLO Theory.  ~100 pages, ~75k words, $25. E-book only.

Mega Mixed Games. ~20 games. 400-500 pages. E-book only. Pricing TBD, Will be sold in multiple ways 


Full Book.

Multiple Subset Books - examples - Split Pot Games, PL/PLO8/variants, 8-Game, Draw Games, Mega Math (all games).

Modules (Individual Games).


Anticipated Games: Omaha 8, Razz, Stud, Stud 8, 2-7 Triple Draw, PLO, PLO8, 5/6-card PLO, 5-card PLO8 (Big O), NLHE, LHE, PLHE,

                            Badugi, Badeucy, A-5 Triple Draw, Badacey, 2-7 NL SIngle Draw, 2-7 NL Triple Draw, PLRazz, PLStud, PLStud 8, Pineapple.

                            (Chinese/Open-Face Chinese TBD)   

Planned Modules 2016-2018 

Additional info later in 2016

(Typical Module Length 20-50 pages (15k-40k words), Typical Pricing $25-$100.  All Modules E-Copy Only



PLO Modules

MTTs #1-#2.  Available Now

Full Ring #1-#4. Available Now.  Full set sold as book (single pdf).

3-Bet Pots #1-#4.  Full set sold as book (single pdf).

4-Bet Pots #1-#4.  Full set sold as book (single pdf).  Also, full 3-bet + 4-bet set sold as book (single pdf for all eight)

Deep Stacked Play #1-#4.  Full set sold as book (single pdf).

Hand Analysis Quizzes #1-4.  Full set sold as book (single pdf)

Cap Games.

Shortstacking and Playing Shortstackers.

5-card/6-card.  These will also be part of the Mega Mixed Games book.

PLO8/Big O. These will also be part of the Mega Mixed Games book.


Other Modules

Generic Poker Combinatorics

Mixed Game MTTs #1-6




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