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Volume 2:  Six-Max Strategy (547 pages) is a comprehensive analysis of six-handed pot-limit omaha.  


It begins with Chapter 7:  Starting Hand Charts, which includes a methodology for categorizing starting hands and a series of charts presenting those cateogories.


Chapter 8:  Advanced Board Texture applies a quantitative process to the analysis of flop texture, using the hand-board combinatorics work from Volume 1. 


Chapter 9:  Preflop Theory, Chapter 10: Flop Theory, Chapter 11:  Turn Theory, and Chapter 12:  River Theory, which include most of the longest chapters in the book, each cover play on a different street. 


For details on each chapter and descriptions of their modules, click on the respective link above.

Volume 2 is available as part of a full book purchase ($2,500) or individually for $1,500.

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