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1-on-1 Topical PLO Coaching*

The following is a list of 4-lesson, 8-lesson, and 12-lesson supplementary topical packages.  The packages cover a range of specific PLO topics.

Each topic has 4-lesson, 8-lesson, and 12-lesson packages with outlines and additional materials. They are intended to:

a) troubleshoot weaknesses that are particularly damaging.  b) create strengths that would be particularly valuable.

You can mix-and-match different packages for increasing discounts, as long as the entire self-designed program is prepaid.

You can also mix-and-match Topical Lessons with Core Lessons and Mixed Game Lessons to create large discounted programs.

Game Play Topics**:

Pre-Flop Play.  4-lesson  8-lesson  12-lesson

Flop Play.         4-lesson  8-lesson  12-lesson

Turn Play.        4-lesson  8-lesson  12-lesson

River Play        4-lesson  8-lesson  12-lesson

3-bet Pots         4-lesson  8-lesson  12-lesson

4-bet Pots         4-lesson  8-lesson  12-lesson

Floating and Barreling

Shortstacking and Beating Shortstackers

200BB+  Play

Live Full Ring Play


Cap Games

Concepts and Analysis**:

Game Theory

Ex-Showdown Equity

Stack-to-Pot Ratio (SPR)

Multi-Street EV Calculations

Texture Shifts

Secondary Equity and Blockers

Promotional Bets and Raises

Transitioning from NLHE

Statistical Analysis

Database Analysis

Opponent Profiling​

Range Decomposition and Balance

Tools and Approaches:

Learning what to Learn

Learning how to Learn


Leaks versus Gushers

PLO Video Guidebook  (RIO Elite Only)

* Italicized packages are not yet designed and would require 2-6 weeks before we could begin.

** Designed as (4-card High) PLO packages, but most are applicable to most games.

If interested in versions for PLO Variants or Mixed Games, click here and/or message me and we will structure a package to fit your needs.

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