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Advanced PLO Theory was divided into 32 modules, each between 20-40 pages and covering a self-contained topic.  Module pricing is designed to facilitate affordable access to the content while still preserving the promise to original buyers that the price of the entire work will never be reduced from $2500.  
You can purchase any of the modules in any order, which enables cherry-picking specific topics or working through the entire book as a pay-as-you-go course.
For more detail on individual modules go to the Chapter pages that drop down from the Volume 1 and Volume 2  menu bar items, or by clicking on the links below.  The number in each module name represents the chapter it came from.  From those pages you can also view the first page of each module for free.


Module 3A:   Card Removal Combinatorics (22 pages)

Module 3B:   Hand-Flop Interaction Analysis - Connectedness (24 pages)

Module 3C:   Hand-Flop Interaction Analysis - Pairedness, Suitedness, Multi-Component (25 pages)


Module 4A:   Preflop Equity and Flop Equity 1 - Hand versus Hand, Backdoor Draws (31 pages)

Module 4B:   Flop Equity 2 - Range Weighting, ProPokerTools, Hand versus Range (24 pages)

Module 4C:   Flop Equity 3 - Equity Distributions and Hand Strength Distribution Tables (42 pages)


Module 5A:   Assorted EV Calculations (30 pages)

Module 5B:   EV of calling 4-bet versus AA** (20 pages)


Module 6A:   Game Theory Introduction (22 pages)

Module 6B:   Applied Game Theory (26 pages)


Module 7A:   Starting Hand Charts (30 pages)


Module 8A:   Straight-Free Boards (41 pages)

Module 8B:   Straight Boards (20 pages)

Module 8C:   Monotone and Paired Boards (18 pages)***


Module 9A:   Major Concepts, Postflop Parameters, Reraised Pots, and Scenario Distributions (33 pages)

Module 9B:   Recommendations - Unpaired Hands (19 pages)

Module 9C:   Recommendations - Paired and Doublepaired Hands (34 pages)

Module 9D:   Assorted Topics - SB/BB, Deep Stack, Facing Limpers, etc. (20 pages)


Module 10A:  Situation Classes, Texture Classes, Major Concepts, Weighted Range Data (29 pages)***

Module 10B:  Situation Group 1:  HU Single-Raised Pots (SPR 9-15) (19 pages)

Module 10C:  Situation Classes 1a-1d - Strategy Recommendations (27 pages)

Module 10D:  Situation Group 2:  MW Single-Raised Pots (SPR 6-10) (21 pages)

Module 10E:  Situation Classes 2a-2d - Strategy Recommendations (25 pages)


Module 11A:  Turn Texture (30 pages)
Module 11B:  Major Turn Concepts (30 pages)

Module 11C:  Recommendations - Texture Shift Groups 1-3 (35 pages)

Module 11D:  Recommendations - Texture Shift Groups 4-6 (24 pages)


Module 12A:  Major Concepts and Game Theory (11 pages)

Module 12B:  The River Decision Process (42 pages)

Module 12C:  River Examples (21 pages)


*** Along with Chapters 1 and 2 and the Introduction to each volume, Modules 8C and 10A are included in the free preview.

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